Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hitachi Hada Crie CM-N810 Review

I recently bought the Hitachi Hada Crie CM-N810 from and is sooooo happy I did!! This is definitely the best beauty investment I've made :) In this post I will review the Hada Crie CMN-810. Check out my next post on what products to use with the Hada Crie and some of my tips on how to use it!

What is the Hitachi Hada Crie?
Basically this is a beauty device that uses positive and negative ions to deep cleanse and penetrate moisture and nutrients into your skin. It also has different modes that stimulate and calm your skin. For those new to ions, ionic beauty devices have been used in the beauty industry for a while, but only limited to professional spas in the past. In the past few years, a number of Japanese companies (with Hitachi taking the lead) have invented home-use ionic beauty devices and gaining popularity in Asia.

About Hitachi Hada Crie CM-N810
I bought mine from There are many similar devices by other companies but I picked Hitachi's Hada Crie because this is made in Japan by a reputable company. Hitachi is a Japanese company with a long history in making medical and health care equipment, which equals credibility to me in terms of beauty device. You are using this device on your face so it better be from a trustworthy maker. Although this is not the latest model, it was still newly made meaning there is demand in the market. The device was made in Japan in 2013 as indicated in the back:

Unboxing - It comes with a Japanese and English instructions booklet (English at the back), a stand for your device, a charger, the Hada Crie CM-N810 (of course!), 2 rings to secure the cotton pad in place for cleaning and moisture mode, and a quick reference sheet which tells you which of the 4 mode you should use. For example if you are in a rush, the basic is to use the moisture mode as each mode only takes 5min. The daily recommended routine is to use the cleaning + moisture mode which only takes 10min and is the mode I use everyday while watching TV. Because it is a small hand-held wireless device, I found it very easy to take 10min to do it in front of the TV. The full routine of all 4 modes are recommended on a weekly basis.

This model comes in 4 different modes, for each mode you can select 'strong' (which is the upper right option) or 'weak' (lower right option). The device automatically memorizes the strength you selected for each mode next time which is very convenient. The 4 different modes from top down are: Cleaning, Micro-pat, Moisture, and Refresh.

Here are the descriptions for each mode according to the instructions booklet:
  1. Cleaning: Deep cleansing by pulling out fine dirt in pores that cannot be removed by washing
  2. Micro-pat: Fine microscopic-vibration for to stimulate and prepare your skin for deep moisture
  3. Moisture: Use with toner/lotion to penetrates moisture ingredients deep into your skin
  4. Refresh: Use with a facial sheet mask to bring your skin under control 

Does It Work??
A picture speaks a thousand words, here are my results from the first 3 days of using...yikes!!

I do notice the cotton becomes cleaner overtime which means it's working! But to imagine this dirt sitting in my pores for sooooo long....

I also notice after using the moisture mode, my skin feels a lot more plump and soft, and my pores definitely looks smaller which to me is a sign of moisture skin. My skin feels like I've spent an afternoon at the spa after a facial, which is great because this device only takes 20mins max, and is a lot more cost efficient than dropping a hundred dollars at the spa for each visit. My makeup definitely applies better and stay on longer even the next day. All in all I'm very happy I made this investment!

Hitachi Hada Crie CM-N810 vs Newer Models (e.g. CM-N2000 or CM-N1000)
I picked the CM-N810 over the other newer models based on my research. Yes this model lacks some other functions of the newer ones, such as the Cooling Mode that cools down your skin to minimize pores (CM-N2000), which would definitely be a great function if you live in warmer areas, but for me I'm in Canada and we are -22 degrees celsius today, so I'll get the best cooling effect by sticking my face out of the window for free! I also like the wireless feature of the Hada Crie CM-N810 which is not present some other models. Plus this model is also cheaper! But by all means check out the other models to see which one is best for your situation

Thanks for reading my review on the Hitachi Hada Crie CM-N810. Don't forget to check out my next post on what products to use with the Hada Crie and other tips for using the device!


  1. Hi Mimika! Could you please show me where did you get this product? I'm living in the US now but I dont know where stores or which websites I can buy beauty stuffs from Japan..Thank you so much for your help!!! :)

    1. Hi thanks for visiting my site :) I got mine from Amazon and they ship to the US. You can buy the Hada Crie on Amazon here --> All the Japanese beauty products I mentioned in my post are actually available on Amazon US too! Have fun shopping :)

  2. is the voltage same in Japan and US? do you need an adaptor in order to charge?

    1. Yes it's the same. No extra adaptor needed!



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