Friday, 27 December 2013

GIVEAWAY: Up to $250 Trend Trunk Gift Card & Cash in your Closet!

Do you want to cash in your closet? Do you have pieces in your wardrobe that you want to exchange for different style? TREND TRUNK is here to help! I personally have 100% new pieces in my closet that I no longer need. Instead of giving them away, why not make money off your past loves? Statistics show that an average girl has a whopping $6000 worth of clothing in her closet!! Trend Trunk helps you get cash for the new purse you are eyeing :)

About Trend Trunk
Trend Trunk is a Canadian based company that acts as a platform for you to cash in your closet or buy pre-loved pieces at a discount. They've appeared on national TV and media, including Dragon's Den and CBC just to name a few, so you know you can trust the site.

How it works? SUPER EASY
1) Sign up on
2) Upload pictures of the items you want to sell
3) They take care of shipping (free!) and payment
4) Get paid!!

While cashing in your closet, you can also browse through other people's treasures at a discount! Trend Trunk has kindly offered gift cards up to $250 for my readers. Enjoy!!

Receive a mystery gift card & cash in your closet today!!

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