Thursday, 20 September 2012

Majolia Majorca Majolook Tick On Eye Shadow Review (Color BR751)

Hi guys I am finally back! Sorry for being MIA for a while. Life has been pretty busy. Anyhow I finally have time for a new post. This time I will review the Majolia Majorca Majolook Tick On Eye Shadow. Majolica Majorca is one of my fav Japanese brand! In this post I will review the Majolook Tick On Eye Shadow (Color BR751).

For those of you reading my reviews for a while, you would know I normally review a product against its advertising claims, which I think is the fairest way. After all, a product should live up to its
claims for consumers to spend $$ on. However, I can’t really do so for this Majolica Majorca eye shadow ‘cuz this is what the ad text claims:
  • Define and enhance eyes with a 3-D effect
  • Shimmery and mysterious 3 dimensional look

Honestly, shimmery and mysterious? That’s just fluff (sorry to whoever that wrote this!) and I don’t for a second believe after applying the eye shadow, Viola! My eyes will become ‘mysterious’. Shimmery maybe if the eye shadow is sparkly enough. I think 3-D effect I can sort of review with color……but really, mysterious!? Anyways, I will review this MJ Tick On Eye Shadow based on Color, Quality, and Packaging.

The colors in this Majolia Majorca Majolook Tick On Eye Shadow are gold, grey/silver, pastel pink, and brown. I think most of these colors are pretty common and can be used in many different looks. The colors are more on the natural side and not very pigmented as you can see when I apply them on my arm, which to me is ok as I love more natural makeup. I think less is more *always*. This eye shadow palette creates a very subtle look which I love, although in all seriousness it doesn’t give the “3-D shimmery mysterious” effect it promised. The Majolica Majorca eye shadow is not very shimmery, it does shimmer but not sparkly. In fact, the look it creates doesn’t really ‘pop’ your eyes as much as I would hope. I think it’s good for everyday natural look, but not for a dramatic evening look. Also I personally prefer color with more gradation (i.e. similar color of different shades) as that really gives you a 3-D popping effect, rather than 4 totally different colors put together. I give this
category a 3/5.

As a Shiseido drug store brand at this price, I cannot blame the quality of this Majolia Majorca Majolook Tick On Eye Shadow. The texture is definitely not as fine as say your regular Shiseido or Maquillage eye shadow. But you are paying a fraction of the price. You get what you paid for. I think
this is a well worth 4/5.

It follows the same cute girly packaging as other MJ products. It’s the perfect size to slip into your purse for touch up if you don’t wanna drag an entire makeup bag. The little applicator that comes with if gets the job done. Although nothing wow’d me, I have nothing to complain about the packaging. A 4/5.

I am happy with this purchase although the color doesn't give me the 'popping 3D effect' I am looking for. I think repurchase another Majolia Majorca Majolook Tick On Eye Shadow but a different color. I hope this review helps you :) What is your favourite eye shadow brand?

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  1. This looks good, shame about the description being so wishywashy!

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Thanks for your comments. I agree the descriptions really isn't the best but the eye shadow quality is pretty good :)

  2. This looks good but I am not too impressed about it upon reading your review about it. I think I have to pass on this one. I used to have Nars and Mua palettes and I super love them. They are worth buying for.



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