Friday, 4 May 2012

My Night Time Beauty Routine - Part I

Some of you have asked me to share how I remove my eye make-up. Since I normally clean off my make-up at end of day while I do my skin care as well, I have decided to write about my nightly beauty routine. There'll be 2 parts - cleansing and caring. Here's part I! Enjoy! (Edit: See here for part II on skin care tips!)

I love make-up but I also love good skin. If you have good skin it’s a lot easier to do make-up. Your make-up stays on longer when you have moisturized skin; and you don’t need to apply as much foundation and concealer which gives you a more natural lot.

Make-up Removal

Never never ever sleep in your make-up! No matter how tired you are! It is really bad for your skin as the dirt and particles clog your pores and dry off your skin. For me I always remove eye make-up and face make-up separately. Face make-up remover is too strong for your eyes and overtime will hurt your skin. Make-up remover are generally stronger than your cleanser. Make sure you always use a regular cleanser after removing your make-up to clean off any dirt or make-up residual that might still be on your face.

How to remove eye make-up

I know there are lots of ways to do it but I personally love this method which I am gonna share. I learned that while taking a make-up class from a Japanese Cosmetic brand. It’s a 2 step process: first remove mascara and liner, than remove eye make-up such as foundation and eye shadow. I don’t like to remove all eyemake-up at the same time. Your mascara and liner has a lot of dark pigments. If you just wipe them off altogether, overtime some of the dark pigments will be deposited onto your skin, causing them to look dull and create dark circles. This method I’m gonna share can prevent that from happening and cleans a lot better.

I am using MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover. I found it cleans pretty well and does not irritate my eye (unless I use too much!). Also I love it's watery texture. I can't use oil-based makeup remover because they clog my pores so bad.

All you need are cotton pads and q-tips:

1)       wet your q-tip with a few drops of eye make-up remover
2)       wet your cotton pad with water and squeeze out the water (to prevent cotton from sticking to your lashes)
3)       fold your cotton pad just like the picture below

4)       place the folded side of the cotton pad right underneath your eyes, close your eye (only the eye you are cleaning, of course!) so your upper lashes are directly above the cotton pad
5)       gently using your q-tip, wipe the mascara off your lashes onto the cotton pad
6)       the same goes for your lower lashes but this time you don't have to close your eyes
7)       use a new clean q-tip wetted with makeup remover to clean off your eyeliner or any
          eye shadow close to your eyes
9)       wet a cotton pad with eye makeup remover and put on your eye for 10 sec before wipping off any eye shadow and foundation

See how black your cotton pad and q-tip become after cleaning off your mascara and eyeliner!

Imagine if you just wipe them off day in day out, overtime the dark pigment are going to deposit onto your skin and give you dark circles! This method also cleans eyeliner very well, especially for girls who love to draw inner eyeline which is very hard to clean if you don't use a q-tip.

Some of your will think it's too complicated and takes too long. I believe there's no free lunch for beautiful skin. Either you take less time for your daily routine and ended up down the road spending more time on major facial treatments, or take your time daily to do what you need to do. Remeber - prevention is always easier than trying the fix the problem afterwards!

Removing face makeup and cleaning

After removing eye makeup, I just use a regular face makeup remove to clean my face. Currently I am using the makeup remover from Hadalabo that I got in Japan. It's a gel like texture and you just message over your face and water off. I found it a bit hard to massage due to the texture but it cleanse pretty well.

Finally clean your face with your fav cleanser. It's important you use a foaming cleanser after removing your face makeup to clean off all the dirt and oil, plus any remaining makeup residue. I use Shiseido Perfect Whip daily and once a week use Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash which contains microbeads to exfoliate. I also use the Poretol blackhead brush I got from Japan. I really love this brush. Although it doesn't remove my blackheads miraculously, it does dimish their appearances. See last post Beauty Products From Japan.

Excuse me for the long post and hope you enjoy reading it! Let me know what your cleaning routine is! Stay tuned for Part II of my nightly beauty routine

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  2. How does the Poretol blackhead brush work? Are soft bristles?

    - Michelle
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    1. Hi Michelle thanks for visiting my blog! The brush is made with 100% natural horse hair so it's very soft. After massaging my face with cleansing foam, I don't wash it off and instead use the brush to clean my nose in a circular motion. Love it!

  3. ahh thanks for sharing. am interested in this nose brush. could use a thing like this. also your tips for eye makeup removing have helped me a lot! I love this method -- thank you!

    1. Hi Kate thanks for visiting and for your comment! I am glad my tips work for you! Feel free to share your tips too :) I have seen similar nose brush available online, hope you can get one!



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